The Guild of Ghost Guides


The Guild of Ghost Guides

Addie Firestone loves being telekinetic, despite having little-to-no control over it and his dad freaking out every time he catches him. Sometimes, though, doing things you’ve been told you shouldn’t, in places you know you probably shouldn’t do them, can attract things you would probably rather not. When Addie uses his ability at the home of a dead man, trouble is quick to find him. It’s the day he discovers two deadly supernatural creatures in his garage; it’s also the day his dad vanishes.

The Guild of Ghost Guides series is about travelling through turbulent teleporter vortexes, getting caught up in fiery battles between rival pyrokinetics, and trying to control out-of-control paranormal abilities. It’s about sneaking off on excursions with roommates to watch Ghost Guides catch ghosts and getting attacked by demons. It’s about a boy who will need every weapon he can acquire, every moment of training he can endure, and every ounce of bravery he has in his heart to save his dad from the most dangerous of all supernatural creatures.


Titles in the Guild of Ghost Guide Series…

Book 1: Stealing Aragantos

Book 2: Unmasking Palladium

Book 3: Turning The World To Stone


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