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When I first began to learn about the power of my own beliefs, my favourite metaphor to explain the shift in understanding was that I was not in the passenger seat – I was in the driver’s seat, and it was time for me to grab hold of the steering wheel and take control.

I have known about the power of creating reality (or the perception thereof) via your own individual dynamic ‘web of beliefs’ for many years now and the crucial importance of selecting those beliefs with the utmost care. Once I understood that the beliefs I accepted about the world around me and my place within it formed the paradigm in which I lived, I realised how crucial it was for me to only choose those beliefs that were the most beneficial and constructive for me.

However, since all the parts make up the whole, our collective ‘web of beliefs’ (enmasse) affect the reality of the greater world – much more than we yet realise. I have been waiting for physics, in particular, to ‘catch up’ with this hypothesis to allow the empiricists to get on board and, as such, I see the (slow) shift into transcendental physics as a blessing.

For me, only one question remains. Is reality:

  1. The psychological manipulation enmasse of energy consistently creating an independently existing physical environment?
  2.  The psychological manipulation enmasse of energy consistently creating the perception of an independently existing physical environment?
  3.  An independent physical environment from which our perception of it creates our own individual reality, psychologically?

Such are my coffee musings.




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