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After completing a Bachelor of Arts Degree at the University of New England majoring in Philosophy and Formal Systems of Applied Logic of Natural Languages, DV Layton embarked on a career writing and implementing Quality Assurance Procedural Systems and Customer Satisfaction and Retention Programs.

Entwining these mind-numbing decades of work using her sanity-saving habit of getting lost in a fabulous fiction novel every spare moment she could steal, she eventually decided to put her methodical brain to good use and become a novelist. She began by writing three children’s stories completely in rhyme (approx. 18,000 words each).  Although working within the constraints of rhyme was a challenge, when she finally put them in the drawer and began to write in prose, the sense of freedom was extraordinary.

The story of the Guild of Ghost Guides unfolded in three novels written over three years. Then came the polishing, polishing, polishing. Stealing Aragantos is now ready, and as a prolific reader and perfectionist, the author does not say this lightly.

On a personal note, she loves the ocean and all its inhabitants, she loves all animals, and can even cope quite well with the odd insect, reptile and arachnid. Her favourite colour is blue. And green. And lemon – sometimes. This is because she’s a Gemini and can never make up her mind. Her favourite food is any and all varieties of fruit (except black sapote, which tricks people into thinking it’s going to taste like chocolate pudding and doesn’t). She loves music, and when she’s happy she sings (much to the displeasure of those around her).

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