I love a great ghost story!

The following story comes from miscellaneous notes extracted from ‘Local Records’ held in the Durham Mining History Museum in England, and from the “Historical Register of Remarkable Events” by John Sykes, published in 1833.

In 1631, two men, Mark Sharp and John Walker were accused of murdering Anne, a young relative of Walker’s,  who kept his house and was supposedly with child.

The case for the prosecution rested on the testimony of a miller named Graham (or Graime¹), who claimed to have been haunted by the blood-soaked ghost of a young woman with five open wounds to her head, who told him her name was Anne Walker, that her corpse lay in a coal pit on the moor, and that she had be murdered with a pick axe² by Mark Sharp who had been acting on orders from John Walker, the unnamed father of her unborn child.

According to Graham, Anne’s ghost threatened to haunt him until he relayed the information to a justice of the peace. After the apparition appeared twice more, Graham relented and told the local magistrate. A search was made to verify the story, and the body of Anne Walker was found with five wounds to the head in the exact location the ghost had described, together with a pick and bloody shoes belonging to Sharp. Sharp and Walker were apprehended, found guilty and hanged.

1. Local Records or Historical Register of Remarkable Events by John Sykes, Published in 1833 in two volumes. http://www.dmm.org.uk/localrec/lr-1631.htm
2. Folklore, Myths and Legends of Britain p.106.




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