The Shame of Being Human


The Shame of Being Human

How petty are the minds of those
Who do not understand,
Who blindly through their egos claim
“The world was made for Man.”

“’Tis his alone to use at will,
By virtue of his soul.”
Excused of murder, free to maim;
An executioner’s role.

He kills the tree and with its body
Carves himself a chair,
And fools himself with thoughts of progress,
Ignorant of care.

He flays the skin from innocents
To wrap himself within,
Parading all his callousness,
Unthinking of his sin.

And shocked are those who hear of Nazi’s,
Cancerous in fame,
Their desk lamps made from Jewish skin.
Yet is this not the same?

“Oh, no!” say those. “They were our kind;
Our race was meant to live.
You can kill others for your pleasure.
They exist to give.”

The feebleminded ignorance of Man
Is long and vile.
How can he be so cruel and cold
While smiling all the while?





About DV Layton Author

Author of Young Adult Paranormal Fantasy

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