Are they real?

Every culture in human history has, at some point, made reference to the existence of supernatural creatures in their mythology, religion, theology or folklore. The chronicles of the past are filled with terrifying tales of child-snatching harpies, menacing hobgoblins, flesh-eating ghouls and, of course, the undead. Yet, it cannot be said that the modern world is without similar occurrences, for we continue to hear countless reports of haunted houses, ghostly apparitions, evil spirits and demonic possession. And what is to be made of the scientific studies into telekinesis, telepathy, clairvoyance, and other unexplained human paranormal powers?

I love these concepts.

I also love fun, fast-paced fiction with one-liners and scenes that are so funny I can’t help laughing out loud. I love nail-biting suspense, and super scary scenes that make my heart pound with apprehension and anticipation. And I love stories with lots of action, unexpected turns, and unique concepts for the imagination to feast upon.

Most of all, I love to write Young Adult Paranormal Fantasy containing all these elements.

There will be three novels in The Guild of Ghost Guides Series:

Ghost up cLight green1 During





  1. Have you seen ghosts?


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